We Shall Overcome

Morehouse College Graduation
Morehouse College Graduation

Stereotypes are a tough topic to some people. Being a minority student in America, one may experience being stereotyped a few times in their lifetime.

In the article, “Why Are Schools Swift to ‘Label’ Minority Students?” by Dina Tuff, she talks about how students with learning disabilities are often thought of as troublemakers.

The media doesn’t help with these stereotypes because fights and criminal acts are often posted in these media outlets and make children of different minorities look bad because it puts them in a stereotype that not ALL apply to.

The school system cannot label students based on their minority and assume that they are a specific minority, they are trouble makers.black-power

One of the reasons some children are afraid to grow is because they are constantly being told who and what they are supposed to be instead of being given the tools needed in order for them to explore who they want to be on their own.

These labels that are being created not only hurt the youth, but they hurt society.

In an article entitled “Beyond the Stereotypical Image of Young Men of Color“, one of the quotes that stood out to me was “Young men of color often feel the  burning glare of misconception early on in school, where teachers are more likely to perceive their actions as disrespectful or defiant.”

I thought it was interesting because kids go to school to learn and be educated, but it’s so hard to be educated in a system that sees you as a criminal or a thug based on how you look.

There are so many African-American figures such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. who fought hard for equality

everywhere, yet, now, in the 2015, the youth are still struggling in a same fight that our parents once fought. The fight of trying to change the world’s view on different minorities and that we shouldn’t even be categorized in.


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