It’s an Island ‘Ting

Caribbean Festival
Caribbean Festival

What’s a better way to learn more about different cultures than a good party?

Right, I didn’t think so.

Everyone loves a good party, and you can find one of the best celebrations at the Baltimore/Washington One Caribbean Carnival.

The Caribbean Carnival takes place in the beginning of July every year and usually lasts for about 3 days that are full of events.

It is a festival that was made to create unity amongst the different communities in the Metropolitan area.

The carnival was also made to educate the youth and others  of Caribbean history, art, music and culture.

Now, when I say “carnival”, I know what you all are thinking…Ferris wheels, funnel cakes, games and gold fish, right? WRONG.

The Caribbean Carnival consists of many different events from Soca, Reggae, and Dancehall parties and performances, to the main attraction, a parade.

The carnival also offers a variety of different foods for you to try as well.

The Baltimore and D.C. Caribbean festivals used to be separated, but in 2010, the organization decided to combine the festivals into one and hold it in Baltimore.

Though a lot of D.C. locals were upset, it didn’t stop them from wanting to travel to Baltimore and get a taste of that Caribbean soul.

Gladys Hall is of Jamaican descent and goes to the Caribbean carnival every year with her family.

“I love going. It kind of became a family tradition.” said Gladys when asked how she felt about the carnival.

“We used to go to the D.C. festival years ago, until it became a little too violent, after they decided to put the Baltimore and D.C. one together, we were a little hesitant to go, but it was definitely worth it.”

Gladys has created many memories at the Caribbean Carnival. One of those memories was the parade, a celebration where different groups dress in costumes and dance to steel pan bands.

“The energy during the parade is always so high,” said Gladys, “I definitely plan on going again next year.”

If you love exploring new cultures or just love having a good time with good people, the Baltimore/Washington One Carnival might be the thing for you!


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