A Place for Everyone


There are many different places located around the Towson, MD area that one can go to in order to learn more about different cultures and heritages.

Students of ALL ethnicities can go to the many different cultural centers, museums, festivals, and events that the area holds every year.

One of those places is “Everyone’s Place” a local Cultural Center located in downtown Baltimore.

This cultural center not only uplifts the community, but they promote self-education with their motto “Supporting knowledge of self from pre-K to PhD and beyond.”

Everyone’s Place sell things such as books, incense, perfume oils, jewelry, homemade hair products, clothing and a variety of different foods and drinks.

They also host numerous book signings featuring authors such as Doni Glover, the author of “Unapologetically Black” and Walter Williams, the author of “The Historical Origin of Christianity”.

Ohene Nataki, the son of the owner of Everyone’s Place, says that the store brings in a lot of local traffic.

“I think it brings a positive vibe to the community. It’s a place where people of all ethnicities can go and learn or experience a side that they may of never been exposed to before,” he said when asked about what makes Everyone’s Place so awesome.

Everyone’s Place does not just serve the Baltimore area when it comes to educating people about their cultures and heritages, they also take part in many different book conventions and festivals from Las Vegas to Washington DC to spread word of the business and to widen their popularity to not just the Baltimore area.

Jeana Bonds is a Towson University student who experienced Everyone’s Place for the first time in July.

“It made me feel happy to know that there are still stores like this in existence.” she said what asked about how she felt about Everyone’s Place, “They had everything a girl could ask for. They had hair products that I can’t stop using and endless books about various different topics.”

“Being a minority at a big school like Towson is hard, but places like Everyone’s Place make things so much easier to cope with because I feel like there will always be a place that I can go to for just chilling or to grab a book an educate myself,” said Bonds.

Though Everyone’s Place is very well-known by the locals of downtown Baltimore, most students at Towson University have never heard about the store before.

I had the pleasure of volunteering for Everyone’s Place at a children’s book festival in Philadelphia in February of 2015.

They try to attend the fair almost every year and display numerous different children’s and adult books by authors of different ethnicities and sold them to the public.

It gave people the opportunity to read and purchase books that would usually be hard to find in other stores or that could only be found online.

The line that gravitated towards their books station seemed to be endless, and at the end of the day, a majority of the people there left with big smiles on their faces and a bag full of books.

Everyone’s Place hopes to expand their student customer base by becoming more active on the Morgan University and Towson University campuses and by also handing out flyers for promotion to let the students know of their location and what they have to offer.


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